Gifting Wines 101

Step 1: find a local wine shop you trust

Step 2: buy wine from said wine shop

Step 3: give said wine

Step 4: bask in the endless thanks of your enamored friends

Okay, okay. Sometimes it can be hard to find the right wine for someone. It might be helpful to look at a bottle through a different lens - not just the label or it's tasting notes. At the shop, we tend to think of wine, not just by how it tastes, but how it comes across on the palate. Two wines can both taste of yummy, delicious blackberry. One, however, might be assertive and intense like our Midnight Cellars 2012 Estate Zinfandel. The other, meanwhile, can be restrained and clean like our certified organic 2012 Stonestreet Cabernet Sauvignon. It's these traits that give us a better picture of a wine's appeal. Here are some of our favorite wines for giving this year:

Sauvignon Blanc, Jules Taylor, 2014 - this zippy and bright wine is full-flavored and perfect for the adventurous and youthful spirit
Chardonnay, Popcorn, 2014 - a twist on the traditional Cali Chard that just might be the perfect wine for movie buffs (aka: Popcorn Pairing anyone?)
Pinot Noir, Balletto, 2013 - a well-balanced Pinot that has layers of flavor, crisp acidity and savory spice notes. This one will win over that hard to shop for person on your list.
Cabernet Sauvignon, Stonestreet, 2012 - this wine exudes class; it is the quintessential higher elevation CA Cab (commence mental steak slideshow and drooling)
Zinfandel, Midnight, 2012 - this wine is go go go from the minute it hits your tongue, perfect for that guy or gal who is always the life of the party