Five Fathers (and wines they'll love)

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Father’s Day is June 21, 2015

It’s time to celebrate Dad! But what to get him? We’ve got some sure fire hits on our tasting list this week. But we wanted to make gifting extra easy on you. So check out our handy dandy

Dad-Wine Guide

Dad: BBQ King

The grill is his kingdom and all that enters his domain shall taste amazing. You can keep your fancy sauces and marinades. He knows the secret to flavor is a watchful eye, a steady spatula and a good rub.

Red: Muruve’s 2011 Temprañillo Roble

Aromas of hickory, woodsmoke, berries and spice will compliment whatever Dad is cooking up. One of our best BBQ wines to date!

White: Viña Eguía’s 2014 Temprañillo Rosé

Ok, yes these are both Spanish Temprañillos, but they couldn’t be more different. This one is teaming with juicy red fruit and tart citrus. Arm him with a spatula in one hand and a glass of this in the other. The result? BBQing Bliss.


Dad: Sir Jokes-a-lot

I guess I should have just let Jim pick the wines for this one. Yup, these are for that cleverly corny and boyishly boisterous dad. Here’s to the guy who always has a zinger, aka a Jimism.

Red: Canepa Koch’s 2013 The Dude

Because he’s not just Dad, he’s The Dude. This Napa Cab-based blend has a serious core, but is wrapped in a light-hearted exterior. Sound like someone you know?

White: Capdevila Pujol’s NV Cava (Brut)

Dry and bubbly, this wine has both your dry-humored and your effervescent dads covered. Undertones bread and toast are almost drowned out by fresh orange flavors laughing over it all.


Dad: Grindstone Joe

Long hours and hard work make up most of his day. No stranger to serious dedication, this guy definitely deserves a break. For the dad with little time for a break, these wines come with simple instructions: open up and slow down.

Red: Champ de Rêves’ 2012 Pinot Noir

You have to really take your time with this wine. Complex flavors of berry, flowers and spice evolve on the palate. Juicy upfront, but with a hint of brambly forrest and a long, silky finish.

White: Bella Grace’s 2013 Grenache Blanc

AKA mellow yellow. An intense and rich golden hue contrasts with the subtle creamy flavors of this wine. If you’re not relaxing when you sip on this one, you might miss the layers of apple, pear, honey and mint.


Dad: Hipster Health-nut

He’s trendy. He’s in better shape than you. He’s even got his own food processor. Yup, you don’t want to mess with this guy. Especially if the hummus runs out…

Red: Chacewater’s 2012 Highlander Red

From the trendy Lake County growing region, comes this CCOF-certified organic wine. A medium-bodied red with soft tannins - perfect for those vegetarian meals!

White: Pomar Junction’s 2014 Côtes de Pomar Blanc

He’s probably all about lean protein. So here is the perfect white for chicken, fish or turkey burgers. Minimal oak keeps it refreshing, while tropical flavors keep it fun. From another one of our most sustainable wineries. Here’s to Dad and the example he sets.


Dad: Mr. Fix-it

Logical. Common sense. And just plain handy. If it has moving parts, he can probably fix it… Or at least try. If you can pry the tools out of his hands, pour him a glass of one of these wines.

Red: Blackjack Ranch’s 2007 Double-Down Syrah

A red wine for a man’s man. Unfiltered and aged to perfection. This gritty blackberry bomb will fit right in around the garage poker table. Don’t mind the spicy leathery kick, it’s the perfect fit for calloused hands.

White: Constantia Glen’s 2013 Sauv Blanc

Stainless steel. Enough said. No, but really, this wine has a strong, steely backbone. Fine-tuned and balanced. Rocky minerality meets fresh tropical fruit in this refreshing South African white.


And last, but not least. The “hard to please” dad (see also: the “don’t get me anything” dad). Why not give him the power of choice? A gift certificate to your local wine shop, perhaps?


Here's to you, Dad! You are all of these and more!

Jim at the Grill