On the Vine: Pinot Noir

The first in a series of posts highlighting different varietals and the reasons we love 'em.

There are some varietals we always have in stock. These are the wines you know and love. Of course you've got your Cab and your Chard. But just as popular around our parts is Pinot Noir. 

Pinot Noir is a finicky grape dating back to the 1st Century.* It produces some of the most expensive wines in the world (ie some from Burgundy). And fortunately for us, a whole lot of smooth silky delicious wine that's a whole lot cheaper.

What's all the fuss over this seemingly seemingly mild grape? The wine it produces can be nothing short of amazing. Sure, Pinot Noir can be a lighter style wine, but it can also yield great depth. The flavors it produces are often silky and full of textural bliss. Here are some of our favorite Pinots for summer:


Sean Minor "Four Bears" Pinot Noir, 2013.

Exciting dark fruit penetrate the layer of lighter red cherry. Enough body and tannin to stand up to just about any dish. This balance at this price is a real bargain!

Bench Pinot Noir, 2013.

One word: summer. Chill this one down a bit for the perfect companion to light meals on the patio under a setting sun. Vibrant acidity meets juicy strawberry for a refreshing take on the varietal. Only a couple left at the shop!

These Pinots are great, but we haven't even mentioned the 3 Pinot Noirs we've chosen for our pairing this Saturday. Featuring two completely different French takes on Pinot Noir and one from Anderson Valley that will make you swoon. Some tickets still available here.

*Wine Searcher