On the Vine: Viscosity

Have you ever been asked if you liked a wine?

Oh yes, that will do fine.
I love it!
Do you have anything else?

We've all been there, and we've all had these reactions. But have you ever stopped to ask yourself why you love a wine? Or what a wine is lacking that makes it merely passable? Or worse yet, unfortunately undrinkable?

Breaking down a wine can be a challenge. Thankfully, most of us usually drink wine to enjoy it, not analyze it. Some analysis is good, though, to ensure we are getting something that we will enjoy. One popular quick analysis is viscosity.

Look at those legs!

A wine's "legs" are an indicator of its viscosity. The slower the wine drips down the side of the glass, the more viscous it is. Conventional wisdom tells us that these more viscous wines are of better quality. That isn't always the case. Legs are a better indicator of alcohol content that anything else. Their speed is also affected by other factors such as the level of extraction, the shape and cleanliness of the glass, and the sugar/acid level.

We think analyzing a wine should be fun! Join us for our next educational tasting to try some fantastic wines and learn a little about your palate in the process.